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Longer Lasting Tanks

Longer Lasting Tanks

Our tanks last longer thanks to stainless steel fittings and an extra thick protective coating to help prevent rust and corrosion. Additionally they are designed with a Safe Fuel Limit (SFL) which is 10% greater than standard tanks of similar capacity. This means that each tanks goes longer in between refills, giving you long term savings in labour and admin costs. This benefit is especially useful if your fuel tanks are sited in remote locations.

Easy To Use Fuel Tanks

Easy To Use Fuel Tanks

It’s easy to get inside an SF Tank for cleaning and inspection, as they come with dual manways so there is no need to disconnect the pump. Fittings have been specially positioned and designed for ease of dispensing, based on our practical experience with fuel tanks in many different situations. All Smart Fuel Storage Tanks are ‘Australian Standard’ certified to prove they comply with current Australian Health & Safety regulations.

Transportable & Stationary
Fuel Storage Tanks

We offer unbeatable quality and immense versatility for a fast and flexible storage and pumping solutions. Compatibility with a wide range of pumps and dispensers ensures a unique solution to suit your requirements. You won’t find a safer, more reliable, or cost-efficient tank than a Smart Fuel Storage Solution. Our storage tanks can be transported by road, rail or sea, and come in various sizes, all of which fit within a standard ISO shipping container. That makes it easy to get them on site fast, or relocate as and when refuelling needs change. Installation is easy, as our portable fuel storage tanks can be sited almost anywhere, with no requirement for concrete bund walls or construction.

Complete Fuel Management Service

Tanks Designed Specifically For Your Needs

All our tanks are manufactured to our own specific designs in a state-of-the-art factory, which we regularly visit to ensure that our strict standards are being adhered to. This gives you the flexibility to order a tank specially adapted for your particular requirements. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us, and we’ll work with you to develop and specify a tank that’s exactly right for your situation.

At Smart Fuel Solutions, we offer turnkey refuelling solutions to make sure you get the best tank and dispensing system for your needs. Take advantage of our free consultancy service. You’ll receive sound advice from experts with years of practical experience in both fuel supply and distribution.

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