Industry Solutions​​

Innovative Fuel Storage & Filtration Solutions

Industry Solutions​​

Every application is unique in its operations and storage needs. Learn more about improving your efficiency with liquid handling.


On a typical mining site, refueling machinery can quickly turn into unnecessary downtime and increased servicing intervals. With relocatable container tanks, fuel monitoring and management, filtration, tank farms, and more, Smart Fuel Storage offers a range of configurable storage solutions tailored to the mining industry. Storage solutions are also available for lubrication products as well as oil dispensing systems.

Generator Fuel Tanks​

Smart Fuel Storage has a designed a variety of fuel solutions that have been powering the power generation industry for years. Utilizing transportable fuel storage enables maximum flexibility when deployment needs to be actioned quickly or when working in remote areas. For multi megawatt temporary power solutions normally required for grid support or off the grid projects, the SF Series containerized series of modular fuel tanks can link together offering any capacity needed to meet your fuel requirements.


On limited-access sites or on large jobs with several machines, a transportable tank can really make a difference in refueling your equipment as needed. Whether stationary or transportable models, Smart Fuel Storage’s tanks are designed around mobility, with features that enable them to be forklifted and craned. Smart Fuel Storage’s uniquely designed tanks are double-walled and feature an integral equipment cabinet. Housing all pumps and accessories, the cabinet captures any accidental drips or spills, and reduces the need for an external spill tray.

Oil & Gas

For land drilling and production, onsite diesel machinery needs to offer reliability and remain operational. Utilizing an onsite fuel storage tank working alongside your auxiliary equipment or refueling machinery and vehicles on demand can reduce unnecessary downtime. Smart Fuel Storage has worked alongside a range of oilfield applications, providing custom configured storage solutions for their operations.


At Smart Fuel Storage we understand the significant cost of fuel for transport operators. Available in a range of tank sizes, our storage solutions are suitable for fleets as small as 5 to as large as several hundred vehicles. To effectively manage your expenses and fuel consumption, we recognize the importance of fuel management and monitoring. All tanks can be configured with a range of dispensing and fuel management systems to allow you to track and control consumption with accuracy.


Smart Fuel Storage offers a range of storage solutions tailored to the agriculture industry, included trailered transportable tanks and bulk stationary tanks. Stationery tanks, like the Smart Fuel Tanks, serve well when placed in key locations to fuel machinery before heading out to the fields. All product ranges have proved to significantly reduce fueling time, allowing farmers more time for more acres.

Design & Engineering

Smart Fuel Storage’s in-house, specialist engineering and drafting team has the capability to prototype, develop and tailor projects prior to production.

Tank Farms

Smart Fuel Storage provides modular, scalable, intelligently designed self bunded tank farms, for the bulk storage of diesel, ULP, lubricants and other liquids.


Direct factory integration, as well as onshore manufacturing and fabrication facility, allows Smart Fuel Storage to tailor projects to you, with no middle man.


Smart Fuel Storage’s fuel tank installation experts offer market-leading onsite installation and commissioning services.