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Nozzle ID AVID System

• The Smart Fuel Solutions System can currently use keys (RFID fobs), magnetic swipe cards, HID cards or codes to identify vehicles/assets.

• The Automatic Vehicle Identification System (AVID) allows the identification device to mounted on the vehicle and the reader to be mounted on the nozzle.

Nozzle ID – Components

1) Smart Fuel Gen 2 FMS with required pump control modules

2) Comms (Bluetooth) module, SFS2055, one installed in each Smart fuel

3) Nozzle Transceiver, AVID1000, one per nozzle

4) Vehicle passive Tags –adhesive UHF tag for vehicle identification

What Are We Doing Different?

• Most other nozzle ID systems simply authenticate continuously

• Unless the system is finely tuned, this can limit the ability to remove the nozzle from the fuel inlet without the authorization being terminated. It also tends to drain the battery on the nozzle in a relatively short amount of time.

• Our design uses an inertial measurement unit (IMU) on the nozzle, which doesn’t require continuous authentication with the nozzle and allows us to detect the nozzle’s movement and terminate the transaction before the nozzle exits the fuel inlet. This increases battery life and makes the system less likely to be defeated when attempts are made to take unauthorized fuel.

10 Key Differentiators

1) Most current technology on the market – NFC, standard data SIMs, color graphics display. A platform that allows for future development.

2) Single solution for both mobile and fixed equipment.

3) Highly flexible and intuitive solution that allows the customer to capture the most appropriate data for their business.

4) No charge for access to data on website.

5) Easy to configure via intuitive on-screen menus.

6) Modular design – easy repair and upgrade by skilled and unskilled staff.

7) Automated nozzle identification technology for convenience and theft protection.

8) Automated odometer/hour meter solution that is not GPS based.

9) Application Programming Interface (API) available to allow customers to integrate data into their own applications.

10) Tech support for the life of the product.