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Innovative Fuel Storage & Filtration Solutions

The Smart Fuel Gen 2 Range

• A solution for the complete fuel management cycle

• State of the art fuel management system built on a reliable, embedded hardware platform

• Can store up to 5000 transactions and up to 2000 vehicles and drivers

• Uses NFC (near field communication) fobs or cards.

• Users can be prompted for odometer, hour meter, job number and a user defined input for each transaction or selected transactions.

• Power system specifically designed to cater with unstable power and provide a level of protection from lightning strikes

• Remote upgrade capability allows new features and functions to be added without a site visit

• Extensive diagnostic information accessible to tech support personnel via the web enables quick and accurate fault diagnosis

• Modular design provides for easy upgrade or repair in the field


1) Operator identifies vehicle/ equipment using a card or fob.

2) Operator authorizes themselves using a PIN

3) If required, operator enters odometer and/or hour meter

4) Selects pump, lifts nozzle and starts refueling

5) When finished refueling transaction details are stored in unit and transferred to the customer’s website automatically

10 Key Differentiators

1) Most current technology on the market – NFC, standard data SIMs, color graphics display. A platform that allows for future development.

2) Single solution for both mobile and fixed equipment.

3) Highly flexible and intuitive solution that allows the customer to capture the most appropriate data for their business.

4) No charge for access to data on website.

5) Easy to configure via intuitive on-screen menus.

6) Modular design – easy repair and upgrade by skilled and unskilled staff.

7) Automated nozzle identification technology for convenience and theft protection.

8) Automated odometer/hour meter solution that is not GPS based.

9) Application Programming Interface (API) available to allow customers to integrate data into their own applications.

10) Tech support for the life of the product.