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Innovative Fuel Storage & Filtration Solutions

Smart Fuel Tanks

Smart Fuel Tanks are the best solution for the storage and dispensing of diesel, petrol and lubricant oils. They offer a flexible solution to storing combustible liquid as well as improving fuel dispensing and management solutions. A practical design ensures a fast, easy and convenient installation in any location, indoors or outdoors.

Standard Features:

• Meets AS1692 and AS1940 Australian Standards.

• Bunded tank construction consists of a 5mm primary steel tank and a 3mm secondary steel tank.

• Baffled internally to reduce product movement should the unit be moved with contents.*

• Accessible and removable tank manway for internal tank maintenance and cleaning.

• Recessed spill box area under lockable lid to secure transfer pump.

• Sectional cut-outs on sides of spill box to allow flexible hoses or pipework to external requirements (i.e. generators).

• Curved roof feature for water drainage to top of tank.*

• Complete with aluminum gauged dipsticks, 1 x galvanized updraft vent breather system and multiple port fittings.

• Air tested and hydro tested prior to leaving our factory.

• Mobile and modular design allows for ease of transportation.

• 300-350 micron thickness ‘WHITE’ paint finish as standard. Other color options are available upon request.

• Flammable and combustible liquid safety labels and decals supplied as standard.

• Forklift pockets and certified tie down/lifting points at each corner.

Custom colors, coatings, dimensions and refueling equipment packages are available upon request. *Conditions apply. Some features standard, some optional extras. Depends on product range.

Smart Fuel Tanks Offer a
Fast, Easy & Convenient Fuel Storage Solution

Mobile and modular units ensure fast and easy transportation options to site. Easily relocatable.

Minimal site works and preparation required. A place, fill and pump installation process offering versatility and speed on commissioning.

Free standing design allows for 360° tank viewing and inspection.

High-grade paint finish ensures longer durability in the elements.

Double-Wall Containment For Added Security

Smart Fuel Tanks are AS1692 and AS1940 designed as integral secondary containment 

and therefore do not require independent bunds for leak containment.

110% bunded tank = 100% Primary Tank + 10% interstitial space.

Inside Lid

• 1 x 2” Dip / Fill Point

• 2 x 2” Suction Ports

• 2 x 2” Return Ports

• 2 x 1” Suction Ports

• 2 x 1” Return Ports

Exterior of Tank

• 1 x 2” Interstitial Dip / Vent

• 1 x 2” Suction Port

• 1 x 2” Spare Port

• 1 x 4” Submersible Pump Provision

• 1 x 6” Submersible Pump Provision

• 1 x 2” Free Vent Port

Mobile & Modular

• Forklift pockets and certified tie down/lifting points at each corner.

• Larger Smart Fuel Tanks incorporate skid tray base for tilt tray loading.

• Smart Fuel Tanks can be stacked three high when empty.