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Innovative Fuel Storage & Filtration Solutions

Telematics Module

• Connects to vehicles ODB port and automatically transmits odometer/hour meter data to the Smart Fuel during the refueling process

• Ensures the value shown on the dashboard at the time of refueling is the same as the value recorded with the fuel transaction. Unlike GPS based system no variance or need for calibration

• No more driver entry errors


• Website provided for each customer at no charge

• Transactional data from the unit is combined with other data such as reg number, driver’s name and displayed on a transactions page

• Driver and vehicle details managed from website and automatically updated on all units

• Transaction report can be exported as .csv file

Website: Pro Version

Provides Customizable/Automated Reports

• Totals – used to generate reports such as total fuel by vehicle or driver used per week of month. The reports can be customized to whatever the customer wants totaled and then saved for regular use.

• Reconciliation – You need to have tank gauging fitted to the unit(s) to use this report. It takes the tank level at the beginning of the requested time period (current week, previous month etc) subtracts all the transactions from the tank, add the deliveries, generates a calculated level for the tank and compares that to the dip at the end of the time period.

• Consumption – Using the entered odometer data and the fuel usage to calculate the litres/100Km value for each vehicle for litres/hour for equipment using hour meters.

• Service – Generates a report showing vehicles nearing or overdue for service based on entered service interval, odometer at last service and using the odometer values entered by the drivers.

• Provides the ability to email tank levels on a daily/weekly basis and any of the reports that have been created

Accessing Data

Optional Tank Gauging - SmartDIP

• If the unit is online, tank levels can be viewed on the website in close to real time (update every 90 secs)

• Tank Alerts allow an email or SMS* to be sent showing current status and alert users if tank is too low or high.

10 Key Differentiators

1) Most current technology on the market – NFC, standard data SIMs, color graphics display. A platform that allows for future development.

2) Single solution for both mobile and fixed equipment.

3) Highly flexible and intuitive solution that allows the customer to capture the most appropriate data for their business.

4) No charge for access to data on website.

5) Easy to configure via intuitive on-screen menus.

6) Modular design – easy repair and upgrade by skilled and unskilled staff.

7) Automated nozzle identification technology for convenience and theft protection.

8) Automated odometer/hour meter solution that is not GPS based.

9) Application Programming Interface (API) available to allow customers to integrate data into their own applications.

10) Tech support for the life of the product.